About Us

SoftBuzz Innovation

SoftBuzz Innovation (SBI) is a Indore based training center that provides numerous courses to students to tune up and upgrade their skills in accordance with their specific chosen field. Our institute was established in 2015.

SoftBuzz offers training in Graphics, Web designing & Development through a wide network of centres in the country. The institute has a vast experience of teaching web & graphic designing, development, digital marketing, software testing and Autocad. SoftBuzz offers a range of courses that lead to specialized training and job opportunities with major Indian and international Company like TSC, Infosys, Infobeans, Data Dyanmic, Exalgia, CIS, and many more.



Our objective is to exceed our student’s expectations and encourage the spark and passion they have by offering exceptional classroom and online based hands-on training, taught by certified & industry expert instructors with immaculate training facilities.

Moreover, we provide the best of the trainings in our institute specially designed for your growth and knowledge. We include innovation and creativity among students to become the masters of their fields.


To cater career-oriented and professional courses at reasonable cost that get you ready to meet latest industry demands and survive in a competitive world.

We at SoftBuzz Innovation, create that spark in every student to strive harder for more and more advancement and set a pace with the growing competition. We truly believe that being on the top or being an expert in the field of interest is the ultimate objective of any student who is a with SoftBuzz Innovation.That’s why we are more student centered and our prime aim is to offer the best and keen education to you in every dimension you wish to on digital platforms.